About Eva Lewis

Eva Lewis

Eva Lewis’s career began beneath the bright lights of the London stage at the tender age of 16, treading the boards of theatreland the critically acclaimed West End musicals Catch My Soul and Black Mikado. Her acting career graduated to the silver screen, where Eva starred in numerous successful films including Voyage of the Damned and Jesus of Nazareth.

Eva became a household/national face, appearing in numerous television productions for the BBC and Thames TV and international brand commercials. Eva Lewis is more than just a beautiful face and stylish presence: her sharp mind and talented nature lead her to explore her fascination and interest in “behind-the-scenes” beauty and cosmetic techniques. Eva maintained the equilibrium of her intellect and love of beauty by lecturing Information Technology part-time at Kensington & Chelsea College after which she then wrote and created a successful on-line teaching course.

In 1995 Eva was given her first Public appointment as a member of the Consumer Panel chaired by the Minister of State. She served the maximum term of 5 years. Eva advised on matters of public importance including consumer transparency. Eva wrote many papers on various areas of food concerns. Eva’s term was extended until the inception of the Food Standards Agency.

In 1998 Eva was appointed to be a Member the Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food. She served the maximum term time of ten years and assessed the risks of lethal bacteria within the food chain on the health and welfare of the British public. The committee advised the government on all microbiological issues in food and food poisoning. Eva also advised the Women’s Manifesto group for the Conservative Party and is dedicated in her support of all issues concerning women.

In 2004, Eva followed her entrepreneurial instinct and decided to share the beauty secrets and well-being insights she had gathered on her showbiz journey and throughout her life and travels. She formulated and launched the Monochrome Body and Soul brand. Eva’s innovative concept had the unique ambition of providing beauty treatments for the myriad shades of skin created by Mother Nature. Monochrome’s mission was to cater to the cosmetic and holistic needs of the darkest ebony skins to the fairest porcelain complexions.

This ahead of the market musing took physical form as an exclusive spa and retail in the prestigious Duke of York Square development on the internationally renowned Kings Road, Chelsea. Set like an architectural jewel in one of London’s most lauded locales, Monochrome set a refreshing trend and soon found favour with celebrities, professionals' socialites and the out-of-towners who visited SW3 with the Spa as their sole destination.

In 2007, Monochrome relocated to a secluded oasis in Holland Park and evolved into an ultra-exclusive boutique spa set within a private town house. Monochrome responded to the wishes of its clientele and shortly established itself as a metropolitan pampering powerhouse in the convenient and accessible location of South Kensington.

Combining her wealth of knowledge from Teaching IT and her work with the Consumer industry together with her highly valued experience as a Beauty Spa founder and her performing arts skills, Eva is a School Governor for two of Lord Harris of Peckham’s new Academies. Lord Harris has already turned twelve South London state schools into high achievers by introducing private school facilities and many other faculties. Results with English and Maths have improved by 8% in each of the last two years and four of the six Academies inspected have been judged to be outstanding by Ofsted. Eva is at Harris Merton and the school has just achieved 100% GCSE passes at C level after only four years.

Eva continues to innovate and inspire within the luxury beauty and well-being sectors and looks forward to taking on more learning curves with her writing skills.