Monochrome Skin Care

Cosmetic and holistic needs of the darkest ebony skins to the fairest porcelain complexions.

Monochrome Skin Care giving you information on how to look after your skin. A Virtual Beauty Salon, a Therapy Teaching School to let you treat your skin, yourself at home with the products that suit you. To ensure that when you go to a beauty spa you will know what to expect and if you are getting the right service.

The advice is from my own experiences, my friends plus my former beauty clients and you.

I welcome your views, your questions, your experiences. Good and bad ones. I invite you to unite us to overcome all the issues we may have with our skin. I love talking about how to improve ourselves,what experiences we have had and what's good and what's new. Monochrome is one colour and I love all skin colours and all skin types.
Eva Lewis

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  1. Do you have acne and are you depressed?

    I have now found that the clients I have treated with Microneedling has cleared the acne in 1-2 sessions.

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  2. How do men feel about their scars?

    Do you like yours or do you want to remove it?

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