Do you have acne and are you depressed?

20% of people with acne suffer depression

A fifth of all acne sufferers experience social and psychological problems such as anxiety and depression, according to research by global pharmaceutical company Almirall says Aesthetic Medicine. The research highlights the importance of sensitivity and appropriate training for therapists treating acne in the salon, also found that 20% of sufferers say the imperfections leave them with a reduced self image, lower esteem and increased anxiety in social interactions.

I can understand that. I hate it if I have any spots and so do most people I know. We all hate imperfections especially on our faces. We don’t like cold sores as well. Funnily enough a lot of us don’t mind scars. I have a scar on my eyebrow and I don’t mind at all but a scar from a cold sore – well that is a nightmare.

I have now found that the clients I have treated with Microneedling has cleared the acne in 1-2 sessions. The scars from old acne breakouts can take a lot longer. As Microneedling introduces your own collagen into your skin it is a more natural way of dealing with issues of the skin and is proving to be a safe and effective way to generate collagen. It will also treat pores and pigmentation as well as a host of other disorders and of course wrinkles will disappear.

Not all spots on your face, chest and back are acne. They could be hormonal in men and women and they could be allergies or thyroid or all sorts of things so before you go to a salon it might be a good idea to see your doctor first.

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