How Do Men Find Their Best Choice of Moisturisers

Moisturisers for men have been appearing at an alarming rate on the shelves. There are loads of them next to your usual razors and deodorant but no instructions on what they are, how often to use them and why you should.

What is a Moisturiser?

Women have been using moisturisers for years. A moisturiser protects your face from the elements and also keeps your skin soft and younger looking and stops it looking like leather. There are many different types of face cream and now there are more. You can buy energiser creams for men as well as hydrating ones and regenerating and there will be more soon so what does what?

How to Use it?

First of all a moisturizer should be applied to a clean face after shaving and after exfoliating or using a scrub (which you should do once a week). Take about half a teaspoonful and massage into your face and neck and if there is any surplus just go down your chest until it is all rubbed in. If you have a greasy look either get a tissue and just put the square on to your face and pat it. It could be that it is the wrong type for your skin if it looks to shiny.

Moisturizers are really important for all skins. They hydrate your skin and also protect it from the elements Most of them now have Sun Protection (SP) in them but this is not a Sun Screen. I think men need to apply bit more than ladies do. Make sure you buy the right one for your skin. Most moisturisers are for normal skin but you can get them for specific types. Normal Skin and Combination skin are very similar. Combination skin is when the T Zone (the centre of your face and nose) is oily and the rest is either normal or dry.

Brands I Like

SOS cream by Elemis
Hydrating by Thalgo
Energiser by Decleor
  • SOS cream by Elemis for Men is very popular.
  • Hydrating Cream by Thalgo Man.
  • Face Skin Energiser Fluid by Decleor Man.
  • Clarins for Men has a good range and so do Lab Series for Men.

For lower budgets:

  • The Simple range is much better than people think.
  • Clean & Clear range by Johnson & Johnson for problem skin.
  • L’Oreal for Men

All available in Boots the Chemist and Supermarkets.

What About Your Skin Type?

If you have dry skin then you could use a hydrating gel or cream.

  • Intensive Hydrating Gel by Thalgo or
  • Crème Extreme High Maintenance by Dr Sebagh for very dry and sensitive skin.

A greasy or oily skin could use Dermalogica products.

A combination or normal skin can use pretty much anything

An after shave balm should be instantly absorbed and be soothing and repairing.

Also look at Serums and Boosters


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