Young Man Skin

Young men worry about zits, spots, acne and razor bumps

Most boys and young men worry about zits, spots and acne. Of course if you have any scars then you may not like them although there are some people that are very proud of marks they might have on their face or body.

If your skin is clear then leave it alone and just wash it. If you have spots, zits or acne then you should keep it really clean and you can exfoliate or use a scrub up to three times a week. There are lots of products to keep your skin zit or spot free in your local chemist or pharmacy. Acne

One of the biggest problems young men have with their skin is Razor Bumps. It's when you get a rash on your face from the razor. It doesn't matter which razor you use they still appear. My son thinks it is caused by ingrown hairs and he says nothing gets rid of them. The only thing that stops the rash happening is when he gets his hair cut and gets an electric shave from the Barber but then this is very expensive for our young guys.

My son washes his face with water. He doesn't use any product. He finds that is the only way to keep his skin spot or zit free.

I agree with him, as I don't feel anyone needs to mess about with their skin under 25 years old.

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