How do Men Feel About Their Scars?

Do you like yours or do you want to remove it?

An article in Aesthetic Med states that independent research commissioned by Science of skin has revealed that close to a third of men feel the need to alter their behaviour to negative impressions when first meeting people in situations such as first dates or job interviews because of their scars.

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It said that delving into the psychological impact of visible scars in men, that nearly a sixth (15%) of men admitted to feeling self conscious when they first meet people and feel pressured to immediately joke about or explain their scar to “get it out of the way” quickly. 10% feel the need to “work hard” to counteract the negative image – stating that they have experienced discrimination or judgement and 6% confessed to feeling secretly proud and even actually playing up to the bad boy image.

 I’m not sure I agree with this.

I was treating a man today who said “don’t take my scar away I want it”. This was a good looking man. Could this be a vanity issue with men who are insecure about their looks? Or men who lack confidence over lots of things? Could it be the trauma behind the scar?

I have a scar on my eye brow and one on my neck. I don’t want to remove them. They are part of my life and memories. In fact I have quite a few scars and I too am secretly proud of the one on my back which shows I have survived back surgery.

Some men when looking in the mirror while shaving feel quite depressed about the scars on their faces. Whereas, other men see them as trophies like a tattoo.

It seems to me that the men with really bad scars have come through so much that it may be the last thing on their mind.

Maybe the younger men feel insecure about their scars.

Another man I asked says “Clearly the gravity of the scar plays a key role here and those, I imagine, with almost disfiguring scars would wish to make them less obvious. I agree that scars are markers along our journey and would not want to remove those that I have as they are reminders of times and places along that journey.

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