Beauty Internet Scam

This is an e mail from a friend of mine and she would like to warn all of you about this internet beauty scam. This is her actual e mail to me.

Sent: 09 April 2012 19:45
To: Eva Lewis
Subject: Internet scam Radialabs

Please make note of the following warning. It happened to me. You could be me next.

Checking my e mails on Yahoo a lovely face flashed up on my screen and the message” Surgeons hate her" caught my attention. The promise of a free product tempting I stupidly followed the link and ordered a wrinkle cream from Radialabs paying for P&P only with my Visa debit card.

Little did I know I had enrolled into some subscription nightmare and ended up with an endless supply of a cream that did nothing for my laugh lines but gave me spots, a stiff skin and a dwindling bank account.

Having picked up a mysterious virus in late January I became very ill and only a caring GP and good friends kept me out of hospital. I had no idea of what was going on around me as I was drugged up to my neck and found no return address on the despatch notes in order to send above product back. On my better days calling the phone number given I found it was in the USA and not in use. My hands where covered in blisters and it seemed to take forever to be able to use the keyboard on my laptop. Medication kicked in eventually and upon checking my bank statement on line I found three payments to RADIALABS of 54.95 pounds sterling each........

Thanks to the Office of Fair Trading and the web, I, after much distress and worry, found an existing webpage for RADIALABS and a phone number in Florida, USA. The "subscription" was finally cancelled and with it my health improved too. The frustration and stress took its toll. The products were returned to a depot in Crawley through a tracking system via the post office, at a price. I am still clutching the receipt as well as a photo of the parcel with stamps and full address in the safe hands of the local post mistress.

I have learned my lesson. I am sorry, Eva, it was one of those spur of the moment things. Your skincare advice has made up for my unfortunate experience and I hope via your on line magazine, together, we can prevent others making my mistake.

Ran Meyer.

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