Salon Treatments for Ladies

These are some of the face and body treatments that I had in my salons so I know they are good

My first Salon and Retail The treatment rooms were downstairs

I know that most of you ladies have been to salons but for those who haven't or those who are interested here are some that I recommend.


Thalgo takes everything from the sea and uses it on your skin. Minerals, Vitamins, Proteins and Amino Acids combined with Marine Algae, Essential Oils and Collagen. Their Pure Collagen Velvet Mask facial is the crème de la crème of all Anti Wrinkle facials. The effects of this last for over a month.

Carita have a wonderful machine called The Pro Lift which is used in their Pro Lift Firming Facial. You are exfoliated with Renovateur, a sunflower seed mixture which is exclusive to Carita and leaves your skin silky soft. Then the machine is used to stimulate your skin electronically and lift your face. When I recommended this facial in my salons I would say to the client “It is one and a half hours of pure luxury and if you don’t come up looking seven years younger then don’t pay me”. Everybody did pay. It is best to have a course of six and the effects can last up to six months.

Decleor is Aromatherapy and use essential oils to relax the body and clear the mind. The Specific Aromatic Facial has targeted treatments for the needs of every skin type. Each treatment offers you a concentrate of pure Essential Oils and Plant Extracts and their therapist will select the products to rebalance your type of skin.

SK11 products contain an ingredient called Pitera which was discovered nearly 30 years ago when scientists observed the very youthful hands belonging to the brewers of Sake. The SK11 facial uses the products they sell. It includes their Facial Treatment Essence which is an amazing liquid made from Pitera. It helps renew the 28 day renewal process of the skins outer layer. Then comes the Facial Treatment Mask which is the best mask I have ever known. Apparently in Japan they call the mask the ‘bride’s best friend’ and betrothed ladies apply them every day for twelve weeks up to their wedding day to have beautiful skin. It is good and men should do the same.

Body Treatments

I think Thalgo is the best for Cellulite. Frigi Thalgo is a cold wrap treatment, highly effective in getting rid of excess fluid from from hips and thighs. You are wrapped in bandages and the mix of algae with marine and plant extracts take your body temperature down by about 10 degrees and even on the hottest day you get colder and colder until you feel you are in the Arctic but that certainly looses inches in the weight war.

Thalgo Indocéane is an exotic ritual that brings together all Thalgo’s marine therapy. It is very sensual and starts with a Mediterranean influenced exfoliation followed by an Ayurvedic inspired massage with warm oils and a body wrap with relaxing powers of the orient and more. It is two hours and will make you feel reborn.

Carita has the Pro Lift Body which also uses a body wrap to drain the tissue and then the machine technology firms and reshapes the body. This treatment really tones you up.

Decleor have a range of treatments that are tailor made for you. They are full of Essential Oils and Plant Extracts and you are enveloped in an electric blanket while the magic works.

Elemis Nuturing Massage for Mother to Be is very good for pregnant ladies, as you have to very careful with the products that might affect the baby.

Elemis Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap drenches the skin with moisture and exotic Tahitian Coconut and Frangipani flowers are soaked together to give you radiance and all over body glow.

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