Glowing Skin

We all have dull skin days and it’s nearly always when we want to look our best or have a special event coming up. we need glowing skin.

Have you noticed that pregnant women have glowing skin? I wonder if it's because they don't drink alcohol, or the hormone mix. Anyway for the rest of us here are my tips.

Dr Sebagh makes Serum Repair which revitalizes your face and firms it. serums

Fluide de Beaute Serum from Carita I prefer to put it on top of my moisturiser and let it half dry before applying foundation. You can also use it on top of your make up at the end of the day, let it half dry and apply your make up all over again on top of it. Your make up looks as if it was only just applied. Most other serums have this effect but just not as good.

Guinot’s Mask Essential can be used just before make up. It brightens up a tired face and gets rid of any puffiness and you can take it right up to your eyes – about a centimetre down from under your eye. Do not get it in your eyes. Leave it on until you feel your face tingling with freshness (about fifteen minutes). Wipe off with damp cotton pads and then rinse your face in cold water. You will feel fabulous.

Always remember to exfoliate before a mask.

For ladies a bit of glitter always helps. Chanel has a translucent powder with glitter in it and you only see it as your face turns in different lights. It is called Natural Finish Loose Powder No.47 Féérie. It is very pale but don’t be scared of it. It works on all skin colours as you just lightly brush onto your face. Don’t be heavy handed with it. Use a light sweeping action.

Laura Mercier make a loose powder with a sheen in it called Star Dust and Dior do very good sun bronzers but please don't be heavy handed with these products.

My old trick is a tiny amount of self tan just a shade darker than your skintone gives a very nice glowing effect.

Always remember to try to use natural light when applying this type of make up or you can emerge with a very orangy or strangely coloured face.


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