Fresh Skin Tips

Everybody likes their skin to look fresh

Viamin E Oil. Take a 1000iu capsule. Pierce it with a pin and apply the liquid inside onto your cleansed face. Put a towel on the pillow as it can stain your linen and you will wake up with lovely glowing skin. It is best to do this when you sleep alone as it is a bit messy.

A glass of water with a slice of lemon first thing every morning gives healthy looking skin.

Sleeping with the window open if you can, really does get rid of puffy eyes.

Don’t eat too many dairy products.

Look after your digestive system.

Exfoliate or use a scrub regularly but no more than three times a week.

Try not to drink too much alcohol (that’s why pregnant women always look good).

Use a good moisturizer and a serum. moisturise for men


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