Dry Skin

For those of you with very dry skin

For dry skin I have always recommended Vitamin E Oil but because it is so sticky and tricky to use I am delighted to find Natural Source Vitamin E Cream with Calendula. It’s not treated on animals and is Paraben free.

Dry skin sufferers and those with eczema will be thrilled to discover Calendula. It is an extraordinary flower. It looks like a marigold but doesn’t come from that family. It has been used for many years to heal wounds and when made into a tincture can be used locally for acne. It is usually used for skin infections, a cut or a gash. Studies have found that the extracts have anti viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Buy it at Epilight, 45 Wigmore Street London.

Cetraben Emollient Cream is often prescribed by Doctors for dry skin and eczema and other minor skin disorders but you can buy it over the counter in all chemists or pharmacies.

On the cosmetic side and to be found in your department store I like the products listed below. They can be expensive according to your purse.

Dr Sebagh has Serum Repair which works on all skins. serums

Oils are always good. Fluide de Beauté 14 by Carita for dry skin.

Decleor's Rose D’Orient reduces sensations of discomfort and is a soothing serum.

Carita make a Rice Cream which immediately soothes a dry complexion and a Rice Balm for eyes and lips.

Dr Sebagh’s Crème Extrême Maintenance for very dry and sensitive skin works wonders.


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