Salon Treatments for Men

Men need Beauty Salon treatments just as much as the ladies

I think it should be just as normal for men to go to Beauty Salons in the same way that women do. When I had my salons, the only men that came in were those in Public Life, those who had gift tokens or men who were dragged in by their wives or girlfriends or me. Some men go for manicures but they don’t often have pedicures and maybe it’s because we don’t make it easy for them.

A salon treatment room that I made for my Monochrome Body and Soul Salon and Retail

I used to host Elemis for Men parties and other champagne events where the guys were treated to a ten minute facial, a neck and shoulder massage and a hand and arm pampering treatment. Most of the men said that they were really surprised to learn that a facial is not just women having a bit of luxury but in fact men found it to be a really relaxing period and time out from their stressful lives as well as achieving a much more handsome look and now they understood why women went.

Men seem to have been left out for too long and now the stores are filled with so many products for men it’s time to climb the next step to the Beauty Salon.

So here is a guide line to the treatments, pampering and refining that men can have. All these treatments were in my salons so I know that they are good ones and are all anti-aging.


Ocean Facial for Men by Thalgo. (Thalgo is Marine Therapy using the richness of the sea)

Thalgo has created this facial for stressed skin. This is a hi-tec professional treatment that applies a purifying mask full of algae Bleue Vitale which is highly energising. It goes right in to the heart of the skin. Afterwards you feel absolutely recharged and totally relaxed. You will like this one. 60 minutes.

Carita Pro Lift Firming Facial (Carita is scientific innovation)

This facial is for men and women and the men that did come to my salon liked this because it is anti-aging. It is 90 minutes of pure luxury and your face is cleansed and exfoliated and then an electric machine with gentle pads is used to stimulate and lift your skin and it takes about seven years off you and lasts for about a month. It is best to have a course of six and then it lasts longer. It really does make a difference and I think it is the nearest treatment cosmetic surgery. You also get a gentle massage within the treatment.

Decleor Intensive Energising Face Treatment for Men (Decleor is Aromatherapy)

This is a good detoxifying treatment for a clear fresh skin and a rebalanced, distressed complexion with long lasting results. Decleor will also tailor make a facial especially for your needs using Essential Oils. 60 minutes.

Elemis (Elemis mixes Aromatherapy with Spa) - SOS Purifying Facial

A powerful face and eye treatment for oily, problem and congested skin. You get a unique Japanese sulphur mask impregnated with a Vita-C Booster serum which helps to calm irritated skin leaving a beautiful matt skin. This facial includes a luxurious hand, arm and de-stress scalp massage. 75minutes.

Body Treatments

Thalgo Indocéane

This is a very exotic ritual full of marine therapy. It is very sensual and starts with a Mediterranean exfoliation followed by an Ayurvedic styled massage with warmed oils and an ancient Indian technique followed with a body wrap which relaxes you with oriental powers. It is two hours and you will feel totally relaxed.

Thalgo Rebalancing Back Treatment

This is rich in natural marine algae and cleanses and purifies your back and a very relaxing back massage is included.

Decleor have customised body treatments and uses Essential oils and deep massage.

Elemis Absolute Spa Ritual

From the soles of the feet to the crown of the head, this customised face and body treatment is pure pleasure and they will customise it to the needs of your skin. A facial is included and you can choose or ask the therapist which one to have. This takes 115 minutes.

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