How to Exfoliate or Scrub

Exfoliation or using a Scrub gets rid of the dead cells that lie on your skin

The texture of a scrub is very gritty like sand. Put about a teaspoonful into your palms and rub into your face using circular movements. Avoid the eye area, as the skin is more sensitive there. If you do want to put it right up to your eyes be very careful and rub very gently. You will feel it working and after about two minutes you can wash it off and see how your skin glows. Do this about three times a week.

If your skin is looking very dull you can use it every day for a week but no longer than that because it will irritate. You will soon know how much your skin needs.

Exfoliating is very important as it keeps zits and spots at bay and maintains a nice fresh and healthy look.


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