Gaunt Looking Faces

Is your face looking thin, gaunt, scrawny and sunken?

Lots of older people have been asking me what to do with their faces because their cheeks have sunken or their face looks gaunt and scrawny.

With age we lose the padding in our faces.

When we get older the first thing most of us start to do is eat less. I do it. Most of us do it. My friend Trevor is always saying to me “Eva don’t get too thin because your face will start to sag and you will get scrawny looking”. He is right. Whenever I get too thin my cheeks start to sink in and I look older and uglier. All you need is an extra half a stone (7 pounds) added to your desired weight.

I think that our desired weight is normally when our body is exactly how we want it to look. It’s the difficult areas that affect our face. With women certain places are the hardest to lose weight, it’s the places where the fat starts to begin with. With me it’s my hips. With other ladies it’s their breasts or thighs or waist. Men tend to be stomach and hips. Once we get those areas looking perfect for us, that’s when I feel the face looks gaunt.


If you are not happy with that then you can go to a cosmetic surgeon for a filler to fatten out your face. Make sure that you go to the right doctor because they know where to inject properly to get exactly the right area looking how you want it.

When I had my salons I was working with Dr Sebagh as he was training four nurses and one was to work for me. He has a Filler that is perfect for this. It is Hyaluronic Acid and is well tried and tested and is dissolvable if you don’t like it.

Dr Sebagh is at 25 Wimpole Street W1 England UK and can be reached on 0207 637 0548. he also works in Paris. Wherever you go make sure you have the Hyaluronic Acid Filler.

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