Guide to Cleansing a Man's Face

Cleanse Your Face Every Day But NOT with Soap

Wash your face before you shave but not with soap. Ordinary soap has astringents that make your skin dry out. It is better to use a proper face wash before you shave so that you have a nice clean base to start with. Try to push up the hairs on your face to prepare yourself for your razor which ever type you use.

Always treat your neck the same way as your face. A lot of men forget their neck and they end up with a lovely complexion but a craggy neck. There are lots of face washes on the market nowadays most of them can be found on the shelf next to the shaving brands. You can also find them in department stores close to where your after shave is. Nearly all men's beauty products can be found within the brand range. 

I Prefer the Spa Brands

  • Cleansing Gel by Thalgo - is a nice and fresh and is a foaming gel that rids the skin of toxins and excess sebum.
  • Clean Skin Scrub Gel by Decleor - is ideal for preparing the skin for shaving and also contains an exfoliator or scrub.
  • Anti Bac Skin Wash by Dermalogica - will help with your zits and spots.

Other Brands

  • Simple for Men - is good for those on lower budgets.
  • Lab Series and Clarins are good too.

After you have cleansed you should exfoliate or scrub and then moisturise. Also look at Serums and Boosters.

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