Cleansing Your Face

It’s important to cleanse your face and it does help to keep your skin spot or zit free..

Do not wash your face with soap. Some women are still using it. It will make your skin dry.

Cleansing properly in the morning prepares your skin for the rest of the products you are about to apply. In the evening it leaves your skin ready for any night cream or serum or oil that works while you are asleep. It is said that products work better when you are asleep. I do agree with that although my skin does not seem to want a lotion on it every night. I tend to breakout with spots and zits if I overdo it.

A good cleanser leaves your skin feeling as good as you feel it ought to. Not too taut and not too dry or oily.

Most women know which cleansers they like. For me it’s a face wash in the morning. I like Carita and in the evening I use simple Face Wipes to take off my make up and then I apply the velvety smooth Foaming Marine Cleanser by Thalgo. It feels really creamy and smooth when you put it on, then massage it in and then so soft when you rinse it off.

The rest of us use a cream cleanser and then a toner to close the pores. If I’m using a cream cleanser I prefer to use cold water after it. I'm not sure how I feel about toners but a lot of women use them. Thalgo have a marine spray mist which I like to use sometimes when my skin feels dry as it tightens up your skin as well.

if your skin needs treatment, either too dry or too oily then use a product for your needs but try to go back to a normal one rather than depend the specific one and you may find that your skin has improved. You can always go back to the other one. I think the foaming cleansers are better for normal and combination skin and the creams for more thirsty skin. Oily and greasier skins are better off with a specific cleanser for their skin type.

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