Male Grooming is Causing Salons and Spas to Change their Ways

Skincare for Men is Growing Fast

More and more men are looking after their skin and the grooming market in the UK is now valued at well over 1.5bn.

Salons and spas are now being urged to change their ways and market men by using the right words to attract them. Men do not want to be girly so rebranding the way we talk to them is vital. Quite a few salons have been stocking products for men for years. My salons always targeted men and we know that men do visit and like spas and salons but the environment and jargon is still very female. It is like putting a man into flowery bed sheets and they don’t really like it.

Questions are now being asked as to how to get into the mind of the male. Men do not want to waste their time. They want what is said on the tin. They don’t need fanciness. They want products or treatments to do the job. New slogans are coming out like ‘recharge in 60 minutes’ and men want words like formula and complex. When they read a manual it is to make something work or put something together. Men like to get to their point in the least possible time. Most salons have brochures that have too many pampering words and are likely to have him running out of the door.

Salons and spas are being urged to tap in to the male psyche to know their behaviour and to use marketing tools to attract them.
Make men feel contented and comfortable and don’t be fluffy are the new words in town for the grooming industry. Then they will spend their money.

Salons and spas are also being encouraged not let men feel embarrassed at Reception by keeping them waiting and hanging around aimlessly. Men do not like to sit in the windows and make the decor more male friendly with plain colours.

Products on the shelves are also changing to more suitable colours and slogans to attract men. Strong colours and simple words with force make a big difference.

Men do like to feel and look good. They like to have nice skin and they don’t want spots and blemishes and up until now it has been a no go area for them. But times – they are a changing!


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