Your Skincare and Wash Bag

Is this true? Do most people have two skin wash bags? Do we know the true value of the products inside them? Are they included in our insurance?

A research has shown that most UK consumers did not know the real value of the skin care items they use daily even though more and more men and women are using high end products.

It seems that luxury skincare and beauty essentials lead to around £156 although most people feel that theirs is worth £52.

So it would be a good idea to include this into your insurance.

Research also shows that people have two wash bags. One is kept for travelling. That makes sense as I have two bags but one of them has smaller containers.

I like to save all small containers and fill them up with my own favourites to travel with because of the rules going through customs at airports and other ports.

Boots the Chemist now have many popular brands in very small travel sizes for those with hand baggage only.

It is good to remember that even the driest deodorant is considered a liquid. I got caught out with that one.

UK consumers are spending £14billion on cosmetics and toiletries a year and the average woman spends £640 a year just on the beauty items she prefers. They say that women tend to stay loyal to their brands and don’t care about the price. But I have changed particular brands because they have become just too expensive and luxurious to justify using them.

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